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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cheap Clothing Alert

Hey ladies of the blogosphere, check out It's Hip To Save (one of my favorite frugal blogs) for the 411 on some great clothing deals happening today! Tulle has pages of sale items starting at just $3.99 - items that usually retail for up to $100+ each! Currently there are still plenty of items left in several sizes.

I splurged and bought a couple of skirts (including the one pictured above, but in a different color), and at those prices I don't have to feel guilty about it. (Anyway, Nathan bought several new dress shirts and ties and a new pair of pants at the Nordstrom that just opened here a couple of weeks ago, so my tiny spending spree doesn't even begin to compare to the cost of men's dress clothes... good thing he's totally worth it.)

Enjoy browsing, and let me know if you find any good buys.


  1. Well that would be nice if I could fit into any of their clothing. Seriously, what is up with size XL having a bust size of 36 and a waist of 27? That is NOT standard sizing.

  2. I noticed a very wide variety of sizing charts... each article of clothing has different measurements listed! And some of the bust measurements definitely seemed small compared to waists, and others had both on the small side. I did find several things that seemed like they'd fit me well, though -- I sat at my computer with my tape measure in hand as I looked at the sizing charts. :) I'll let you know if they do indeed fit when they arrive!

  3. I ordered some things the day you posted this and they are STILL not here, but at least they have shipped. A lot of stuff was sold out already but I hope the things I did find will fit ok! Thanks for posting this!