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Saturday, April 12, 2014

37 weeks

From last Sunday:

Nathan said to me the other day, "When I'm looking at you straight on, you look pretty normal.  Then I see you from the side and I remember that you're enormous."

Thanks, honey.

Dear little one, 
Your Dad and I still haven't been able to agree on a name for you, and realizing that we could be anywhere from a few weeks to just days away from meeting you (you never know with babies!) has made me start to feel a little concerned about this fact.  I hope we can come to some sort of agreement soon!   
I've taken to asking Nell, "What should we name the baby?" and her latest replies include, "Baby Doodoo," and "Baby Yoyo."  Fortunately for you, we're not giving her vote in the matter too much importance at this point. 
Maybe when you arrive and we see your sweet little face we'll just know immediately what your name should be.  That would be nice! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

a quilt for baby

About a month ago, I came across a Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial from the blog Thirty Handmade Days.  I had never made a quilt before, but I was suddenly quite attached to the idea of making a quilt for this baby girl we're expecting.  So, off to Jo-Ann's I went, list in hand, to get the things I needed.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when it came to choosing fabrics!  I probably spent almost two hours there, plying Nell with snacks while deliberating over the fabric choices.

I love what I ended up with, though!  And this basic striped quilt is definitely manageable for a beginner to make.  I'm glad I didn't start with anything more difficult, because even this had plenty of stress-inducing moments. 

I'm envisioning baby girl using it as a play mat to lie on and roll around on as she grows, and then as a quilt for her crib and eventually her toddler bed.  (The quilt is about 40" by 54", a good sized quilt for a little one's bed.)

Every time I look at this cheery quilt, it brings a smile to my face.  Sure, if you look closely you'll see a few places where I didn't feed the weight of the quilt evenly, and my stitch length got a bit uneven as a result.  But all those spots I was agonizing over as I sewed really don't matter that much when I look at the big picture now that it's finished.  So, it's imperfect -- hey, it's my first attempt at a quilt!  I think our baby girl will enjoy lots of play time on and snuggles in this quilt, regardless of the evenness of the stitching.

And she will know her mama loved making it for her, ironing and cutting and piecing and quilting all while daydreaming about the little baby who would call this quilt her own.

Now that baby's quilt is finished, I'm working on a second quilt - for Nell, the soon-to-be big sister!  I decided it would be nice to present her with something new of her own when the baby arrives.  I'm following the same tutorial / pattern, but using different fabrics for Nell's quilt.  Hopefully I'll have photos of that quilt to share soon!

Friday, April 04, 2014

of walks and rocks

The weather is finally, finally, FINALLY beginning to warm up, and our walks are gradually going from looking like this:

To this...

To this!

{Only sweaters or light jackets needed!  At last!}

Earlier this week Nell noticed her shadow on one of our walks, a discovery that was met with much enthusiasm.  

{I was wearing a puffer vest ... yes, I may be pregnant, but I am not quite that thick and wide yet!}

That same day, Nell picked up a little stone and showed it to me, and I said, "That's a rock."

She looked up at me, said, "Baby!", and cradled the rock in the crook of her elbow.

I was mystified for a moment, and replied, "Are you pretending the rock is a baby?"

And then I realized what she was thinking:  Rock.  Rock a baby.  Rock a baby in your arms.

Ahh, the confusion of the English language strikes again!

I do love that little girl.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

36 weeks

From the beginning of this week:

I feel like I've doubled in size in the past week or two, and it's hard to believe this baby will keep gaining about a half a pound a week until she decides to make her grand appearance.  I just keep reminding myself to try not to waddle when I walk!

This big-sister-to-be happens to also be my favorite hair dresser of late.  The results may be questionable, but the enthusiasm and kisses that accompany each hair "appointment" are incomparable.

Dear little one, 
Last week you heard lots of music, and spent lots of time driving back and forth to Plymouth with me for rehearsals and a concert.  I could feel you wriggling around lots during the music -- you especially seemed to like Bernstein and Copland! 
Your Dad and I also went to an orientation meeting for the birth center for all the mamas and dads expecting babies in the next month.  I guess I'd better start packing my bags already!  Packing things for myself seems a little tedious, but I'm excited to drag our bin of newborn clothes up from the basement, wash everything freshly, and choose what things to pack for YOU.