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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

More Baby Shoes

Back in February I made adorable baby shoes for my newest nephew Josiah using the Stardust Shoes pattern. Sadly, as it turned out he had uncommonly large feet for his age and they didn't fit him, so the shoes are back in my possession and waiting for a friend or family member to have a little boy babe. However, not to be discouraged by that fact, I have since made two more pairs of little shoes for little feet.

A pink pair for a fellow violin teacher's baby girl:

And a soft blue pair for our church choir director's new boy:

These shoes are pretty easy to make, so if you enjoy sewing and are looking for a unique baby gift idea, I encourage you to try making some!


  1. Those shoes are so cute! I tried to make a pair last fall but gave up in extreme sewing machine frustration. I just couldn't get my machine to go cleanly through the layers of fabric. I've since gotten a machine tune-up so perhaps I should try again. You know, in all my free time... when I'm not taking care of three kids, a house, homeschooling, building a house, and whining about it on the internet. :-D

  2. wow, those are adorable! I can't believe you MADE them! good work!