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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Confession: Sometimes my inner repressed homeschooler breaks out.

This can result in a variety of behaviours, but tonight's is this: I am sewing a skirt.  In fact, I have plans to complete two skirts and two pairs of pajamas this summer.

My mother has tried to teach me to sew at various points throughout my life, and I have genuinely tried to learn, but I've never made much more than an ugly dress (never quite finished it and never wore it) and a pair of pajama shorts.  But now, I am determined to complete several projects, with the finished product being nice enough to wear.  I am really going to learn to sew well.  Wow... I feel like I've finally joined the ranks of the ├╝ber-homeschoolers.  Well, maybe not... I guess for that I should be sewing plaid or denim jumpers.

Heh.  But look, my friends, this isn't a shot at homeschoolers.  I was homeschooled, I'm proud of it, and I think homeschooling may yet Save The World.  Or something like that.  But the point is, I really believe in homeschooling.  But I also really believe that it's not above the occasional pointed joke.  Let's face it - there are homeschoolers who fit the stereotypes (maybe I'm even one of them)... and it can be pretty amusing.

I'm not saying that sewing is just for homeschoolers, either.  Sewing is great!  Everyone should sew.  But I think it's true that proportionately, a larger number of homeschoolers sew than do non-homeschoolers.

There; I have finished with my disclaimers.

And I shall finish my skirts and pajamas soon.

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