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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


If you're ever planning to re-paint the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom doorframes and windowframes in your apartment, you should be careful what colors of paint you buy. You might look at the colors on the little paper cards and think that you've found the perfect blue for the kitchen cabinets and the perfect heather grey-blue for the bathroom trim - which you might think matches your bathroom towels perfectly. But then you might be told by a pushy salesperson at Home Depot that you ought to know that you will need primer for this specific paint job. You might be insecure about your home-improvement knowledge and abilities and listen to the salesperson. You might buy a $26 can of primer you might later realize you don't need. You might get home and sand and paint one set of cabinets, only to realize that the blue you chose isn't what it looked like in the store at all. It's all wrong for a kitchen. It might be so dark the only place it belongs is in a funeral parlor. You might think you'll feel better if you paint the bathroom trim, because surely that color will be perfect. But you might find that what looked like a lovely grey-blue in the store looks like a purple-ish blueberry under your bathroom lights. You might wish you could start all over again with better colors, but you might have no money. You might wish your husband had selected the paint instead of you, but your husband might be too busy. You might get really depressed, because maybe your in-laws are coming to visit in a few days and they might realize that their dear eldest son has married a girl with no taste in interior decorating whatsoever, and furthermore, that son and daughter-in-law reside together in a wretched shack.

Hypothetically, I mean.


  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Hypothetically, this could be an inherited trait. You should have seen the first house that Mom and I painted. Don't worry, you'll get better at it. Go get some more paint and try again.

    Love you,

  2. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Poor girl!
    I painted my first apartment in Boston too, and I chose a shade of white that supposedly had subtle hints of pink, since I was only allowed to paint it a shade of white. I swear, it was on the whites card and everyone at the store promised it was white. Well, my friend and I spent a glorious day painting my apartment. As we progressed, we were noticing that those hints of pink were pretty strong, but it was still fairly white. The next day I returned to discover that my walls were flower-petal pink! I should have known with a name like Blossom.

  3. Giggle, giggle, Sarah Marie, it will all come it time.

    What I do know is your in-laws have most likely noticed how incredibly wonderful and happy their son is because he married this intelligent, beautiful, loving and gifted young lady! :)

    What does paint color matter the first time any way, it usually takes 2 or 3 times till you get the right one. Hypothetically speaking!

  4. I think your in-laws will be so impressed with how hard you work and how much you cook for their son that they'll give that particular son a kick in the butt and tell him to start helping you out.

    Not that I'm judging.

  5. Oh dear. Paint never ever looks the same on the walls as it does on the card. Never. Cheer up - you can always paint over whenever you save enough pennies to get more paint.

  6. Oh Anyssa, always leaving the controversial comments. :-P Nathan helps out a LOT - he is very industrious. :) And right now he's making me more shelves for the kitchen. But those jobs are sort of on hold until after his senior recital, which is next Monday... so mostly right now he practices. And works full time. And has a church job. And accompanies a dozen people regularly. :)

  7. How dare Nathan not paint the apartment while he might be extremely busy practicing and working 2 jobs and accompanying! He might obviously be lazy and his parents, were they to visit, might need to spank him. Hypothetically. Also hypothetically, he might have wasted some of his many hours of free time making a hilarious recital poster which, did it exist, you might post on your blog for the world to see. Or I might post it, since it might be a collaborative effort between our respective Nates.

    I might love the subjunctive as much as you do. Hypothetically speaking.

  8. You know you need somebody to be controversial.


    Good luck for his Monday recital. I have freaking 5 in the next 3 weeks, so I get the practicing frenzy.

  9. Ah, I've been there. You should have seen the color we painted Emma's room shortly before she was born. Or, really, you shouldn't. It was hideous. Well, it did grow on me a bit, but I think that is more because it took so much time and effort to do I just couldn't bear the thought of painting over it all.