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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Groupon Deal

For those not aleady in the know, today's Groupon deal is $50 to spend at GAP for only $25. It's like free money! If you shop at GAP, or wish you could afford to shop at GAP, or want to plan ahead and get your husband something handsome from GAP for his birthday, or want to go try on some dresses and see if you can find anything to wear to your friend's wedding next weekend that would magically make you look thinner and more successful, well, hypothetically, this Groupon deal is for you!


  1. The one thing I noticed about this is that it is only good through November 19 so don't wait for Christmas to use it!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I'm being frivolous and using some of my discretionary spending money on it. :) I want a new dress!