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Monday, December 08, 2008

Free Coupon Inserts

About a month ago I strolled a block up the street from our apartment to the nearby convenience store on a Monday morning. I politely asked the manager if he would mind if I took the coupon inserts from the leftover Sunday papers, since I knew the papers could be returned for refund but the inserts weren't required. He agreed that this would be fine, and told me I could come grab as many as I wanted every Monday morning! AWESOME! So I've been doing exactly that, and it's a good thing, since sometimes my subscription copy of the Globe (which I got at a great discount through an online deal - I just get the Sunday edition) doesn't have all the inserts - this week I got two Smart Source inserts but no Red Plum, for example. But after a brisk walk through the snow (it snowed yesterday!), I now have 8 Smart Source inserts and 7 Red Plum inserts. This is especially great because of some good deals in the Red Plum:

1) The front page of the insert has a coupon for a FREE small mocha, cappuccino, or hot chocolate from McDonald's - no purchase required! I envision an evening drive to the nearby McDonald's for hot chocolate with my husband in the near future. I told Nathan about the coupon, and he replied, "That's great, because it's not like we have twenty boxes of hot chocolate in the house already!"

2) There is a $4.00 off coupon for Maybelline lip products in this insert. That is a high value coupon, obviously, and when combined with the fact that Maybelline cosmetics are B1G1Free at Walgreen's this week, and you can use one coupon for each item (even a "free" item), both products should work out to be free - plus possible overage. Also, Walgreens has been running a "$5 Register Rewards when you spend $25" promotion. I know it worked for me twice last week, and it's advertised to work again starting on the 10th. It may or may not work in the meantime; I'm not sure. Anyway, the $25 amount is calculated pre-coupons, so combining these deals you could end up making a profit buying lip gloss. Pick cute colors and give it to your friends for Christmas!


  1. I wonder if the East coast and West coast have different inserts? I got the RedPlum insert, and it has McDonalds coupons on the front, but for different things (and all require a purchase).

  2. Em, yes, the inserts are definitely regional and can differ a bit, or sometimes a lot.