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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Shaws Deal

The grocery store Shaws is running a catalina deal right now that worked out very well for me today. If you buy $30 (sale prices, but before coupons are used!) of specified products (all listed in the weekly circular), you get $15 back in catalinas. I got $45.02 worth of groceries ($30 at sale prices) for $21.40 (after coupons), and then I got $15 back in catalinas to be used on my next shopping trip, so I essentially paid $6.40 for 16 items, including spaghetti sauce, chicken broth, rice, dry onion soup mix (I use this when I do pot roasts in the slow cooker), pizza rolls (Nathan loves 'em), and more! I'm very pleased about this deal - it worked well for me even though I didn't have many super amazing coupons for the items I was purchasing. What coupons I did have all doubled, which was great. I may go back to Shaws again and do some more shopping with some of the other items that work for the catalina deal.

Just a heads up for those of you who live near a Shaws!


  1. Nice. :)

    Oh, and your comment on my post today made me laugh.

  2. You know... That was a fine post... You were talking about coupons and good deals, and then you just had to bring up slow cooked pot roasts didn't you! Man! That just isn't nice!

    Now I'm hungry...