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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Marital Mathematics

Everything I thought I knew about math has quickly dissolved since I got married. First FavoriteBoy and I were told, you know, marriage is the only time when 1 + 1 = 1, how cute, blah blah.

Then I realized that...

1 woman's laundry + 1 man's laundry somehow = 4x 1 woman's laundry...

1 woman's cooking to be done + 1 man's eating requirements to fulfill = a lot fewer easy salad meals and a lot more pot roasts and pork loins, brownies and chocolate cakes...

1 woman's dirty dishes + 1 man's dirty dishes = 5x 1 woman's dirty dishes...

1 woman's water splatters on the bathroom mirror + 1 man's sideburn trimmings, un-rinsed toothpaste spittle, and smeared shaving cream = 3x the mess a woman could possibly make...

And while I love each pair of dirty socks I find on the floor because they remind me that FavoriteBoy lives here, with me, I find myself wondering...

If marriage is a case of two individuals consolidating into one, why has the daily labor multiplied so dramatically?


  1. Haha! No kidding! And just wait until you add children. One child can create more havoc in an hour than one husband could in a week!

  2. It's funny, I never noticed any of this in my marriage. It's always seemed to me that these tasks come out more like 1+1=0, probably due to some magic fairy or something. Maybe you need a magic fairy.

  3. ...and life from that point on changed forever...but look at the joys too!!!

  4. i couldn't agree more. sometimes i feel like my identity is not as a wife...but as a combination dishwasher/washing machine. i do like michael's idea of a magic fairy though. i remember my mum mentioning something about houseelves when i was younger. i should get me some :)

  5. Nathan thinks we have a magic fairy just like Michael has one! :) "Where are my pants that I left on the floor last night?" "In your drawer" "It's magic!"

    I AM the magic fairy. Maybe Michael's wife is his magic fairy, too...

    If it's a real magic fairy, hook me up with one! (Not that I don't love doing dishes..)

  6. Alright,
    The reason that we have seemingly so much more laundry is because we don't have to wash our shirts after every use!! So we stack up a large pile but only have to wash it every month or two!

    And you sure had an amazing ability to mess up the bathroom right before I had to clean it!! :)

    Love you sis!

  7. Christopher, I think the opposite is true! Girls re-fold their shirts and wear them again, and guys need them washed after each wear. There really is a lot more laundry to wash with a guy in the house!

  8. I think you are WAY too nice. Guys are perfectly capable of washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, cooking. My dad, for example, regularly does all of the above. It doesn't make him a wimp. It makes him a man. So listen up, all you boys out there.