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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

1 lb. 3 oz. of Pure Chocolate Decadence

Last week FavoriteBoy started his new (part-time) job as a member of the coaching staff at Gordon College. He has been a busy accompanist for years now, but while he was a student he was content to be paid in chocolate chip cookies and gratitude - oh, and over the past few years when we've needed more singers in our church choir, Nathan was able to use his 'free accompanist' leverage to twist a few arms in return for all the coaching he has done! All those years of playing, and this is the first time he's officially getting paid. I am ecstatic about this opportunity because it lets him do something he loves and adds some variety into his work schedule. To celebrate his first day last week, I baked him this cake from Epicurious. FavoriteBoy deemed it "the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten," and the tiny slice I had (but shouldn't have) was confirmation enough for me - this was amazing cake!

As you can see, I didn't have time to do a 'crumb-catching' layer of frosting and then a second layer, so the finish isn't perfectly smooth. However, FavoriteBoy has already requested this cake for his upcoming birthday, so I guess I'll get a second chance!


  1. mmm...i can attest to the yumminess :)

    thanks to nathan for sharing!

  2. melissa5:05 PM

    Creative AND delicious. :) you're brilliant in the kitchen!

  3. Anonymous7:22 PM

    looks REALLY delicious...

  4. keith6:16 PM

    ooooh the cake...

  5. Anonymous8:05 PM

    This is a gorgeous cake. You are amazing.