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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sentimental Sarah Marie

Yesterday's mail brought a very special envelope containing my brother's wedding invitation!

I opened it, gazed at it... and got all choked up.

Apparently my mother's brain aneurysm has affected more than just her own emotional thermometer, because - aside from rare occasions - this is not the sort of thing that a self-respecting Palmer female does!

Aww... Jonathan and Jenn are really getting married! I'm just so happy!

And sentimental, apparently.



  1. melissa1:48 AM

    Awww... of course you'd get all choked up! Now you know exactly how wonderful marriage is and what a special thing your dear brother is about to experience! Plus you're gonna get a fabulous new sister-in-law as a bonus!

  2. "this is not the sort of thing that a self-respecting Palmer female does!"

    I must not be a self-respecting Palmer female, then, since I've never had quite the strangle-hold on my emotions that Mom has!

    She's getting it back, by the way. Did you know?

  3. Oh yay, I'm glad you got it (and liked it, apparently :)).

    I think weddings may just be an emotional time in general ...

    This post has a lot of links. It's fun :).

  4. They are beautiful invitations, aren't they. I was so happy to get ours too.