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Monday, February 06, 2006

I am logging in from the computer lab in the music department just to inform you all that I have developed some nasty canker sores along my upper gum line. It basically feels like multiple volcanos went ahead and errupted right in my mouth. It's painful. So I figured, naturally, the best thing to do would be to whine about it. On my blog. For the world to see.

Thank you for your sympathy, world wide web.


  1. I do, I do read your blog! But I don't read it every day. I guess the last time I read it was right before you posted the post where you "tagged" me. Well I responded today. You write too fast for me to keep up! But I do try to read it all. How else will I know what's happening in your life? I never see you anymore. When ARE we doing dinner? Next week? Let's plan this ahead of time. What do you want to eat? Mac & cheese? :)

  2. Those nasty canker sores have a habit of haunting me every few months too. I feel your pain! Gargle with salt water to clean your mouth, eat soft mushy stuff, and well, I'm sure you've got it figured out.. In solidarity!