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Friday, January 09, 2009

Shaw's 1/8

The past week has been a great place to shop at Shaw's! They ran a "spend $30 on selected products, get $15 back" promotion, and as usual, it worked on pre-sale, pre-coupon prices. So I kept spending $15 or less, getting $15 back, spending $15 or less, getting $15 back. It worked like a charm. The deal included frozen Green Giant veggies, so I'm stocked up on peas, corn, sugar snap peas, etc. It also included YoPlus yogurt, which comes in some delicious varieties. Cascadian Farms organic cereal was included, too. Here's a photo from just one of several recent transactions:

I spent $18 on this transaction (plus $15 I had received from a previous transaction), and got $35 back in "on your next order" coupons. Not bad!

Just to clarify, the diapers and baby food are for my friend Story, who has two little ones.

While I have said before that one can't get produce with coupons, I'm finding I may need to amend that statement: in the past week I've gotten frozen veggies, fresh pomegranates, and lettuce with coupons. I also got four free bananas with a coupon, and I have a coupon for free green beans!


  1. I'm jealous of the "pre-sale" prices working for this deal! We have the same deal going here at Albertsons, but according to a post at hotcouponworld, it is only working on sale prices. Too bad! Still, I'm going tomorrow because while it isn't nearly as good as yours, it is still a good deal! :)

  2. Hi Emily,
    Shaw's, Jewel, and Albertson's are all essentially the same thing, so I'd be surprised if the deal worked differently - but who knows? At Shaw's, there was a simultaneous promotion of "buy $25 in baby these baby products, get $5 back" The pampers worked across both deals, so when I spent $30 (shelf prices and pre-coupons) in baby products, I got $20 back. Not bad! I'm sure you could use a deal like that... :)