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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Nellisms, vol. 6: The Bedtime Edition

Some impromptu pictures taken in an undershirt with the most charming bedhead imaginable seem like they'd go nicely with a little Bedtime Edition of Nellisms.  I call these Portraits Over a Bowl of Oatmeal.

Upon waking up with a wrinkle from the sheets imprinted in her arm:
Nell: "Oh look, there's a crack in my arm!"


When we got a massive toddler- sized zip-up sleep sack at our favorite thrift store and let Nell sleep in it one night at her request:
"I just think I could use that pwetty nice swaddle for alway and evah!"


At bedtime:
Sarah: "Are you happy or sad?"
Nell: "I'm a little bit sad but a little bit happy."
Sarah: "What are you sad about?"
Nell: "I'm sad that Daddy leaved to go downstairs."
Sarah: "What are you happy about?"
Nell: "I'm happy that I have you upstairs to stay and snuggle a minute!"

At bedtime again:
Sarah: "I can stay for one more minute but then I need to go downstairs."
Nell: "No, stay all of the minutes!"


At bedtime yet again, putting her arms tightly around my neck and interlocking her fingers:
"You're clicked in!  You can't go anywhere!  You have to stay with me!"

When reading from The Jesus Storybook Bible about God creating light when there was just darkness:
Nell: "When it's dark, God should have gone inside where it's light!  And put his padamas on and bwush his teeth and get weady for bed!"


Lying in bed at night, talking to herself (pretending to talk on the phone):
"Umm okay, can you just maybe pick me up somekin [something] on your way home?  Yeah?  Ok thank you!  But DON'T GO INTO MR. MCGREGOR'S GARDEN!"


Lying in bed at night:
"I want a bagel right now in my bed."


At night tucking her into bed and snuggling with her for a minute:
Sarah: What was your favorite thing we did today?
Nell: Go to church!
Sarah: We didn't go to church today, silly!  Today wasn't Sunday!
Nell: I goed to my pretend church.
Sarah: Did you sing some good songs there?
Nell: No, we didn't sing songs.  We ate tockolate.  At my pretend church we eat tockolate!

Snuggling in her bed one evening, her face inches from mine:
Nell: "I like your teeth; they're shiny!" *pause*  "But... yeah... your face is a little bit squishy."
Sarah: "What does that even mean?"
Nell: "It just means God made your face a little squishy!"


Sarah: "I need to go downstairs now to nurse Marie before she goes to bed."
Nell: "Well, maybe Daddy can just nurse her with his nostrils."

Sarah: "One more minute and then I need to go downstairs, okay?"
Nell: "No little Mama, stay forever!!" *sobs* "Why? Why? Whyyy?!"


Snuggling for a minute before tucking into bed:
Nell: "Mama someday when I'm big can I drive a car all by myself and wear big shoes and drive?  How will you feel about that?"


...How will I feel about that?  I think I need a few more years of bedtime snuggles and morning bedheads before I can even think about drivers licenses.

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  1. You take the best pictures...and have the best subjects!