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Sunday, July 28, 2013

at the park

My friend Melissa and I walked to a nearby park on Saturday, our babies seated in strollers packed with diaper bags, sunscreen, hats, and of course, cameras.  Because every park experience is bound to be photo-worthy, right?

{Especially if you're a bad mother and don't take your kid to the park often enough.}

So without further ado: Nell and Luci at the park!

{Nathan saw the above picture and said, "Fierce, Nell, fierce."}


  1. I just can't decide which one is more adorable! such great pics. you'd never know it was ten thousand degrees outside.

  2. These pictures are absolutely stunning. (I couldn't use adorable because Bully used that already!). It will be so much fun to watch them grow up together.

  3. :D Cutest baby award. Not saying which one wins it ;)