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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

four weeks

Tuesday marked four weeks of Nell!

On Saturday, we used a livingsocial deal I had purchased to have some family pictures taken.

We loved our photographer, Esther!

We'll have to wait a a couple of weeks to see all the photos, but she's already posted two of the pictures from the shoot:

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the shots she got!

At four weeks old, Nell's accomplishments now include:
{shamelessly taking a page from Ahn's book here}

~ mastery of long division, and memorization of Pi to 50 digits ~

~ has completed her application to Harvard Law School ~

~ latest novel will be appearing on New York Times bestseller list ~

Just kidding.  What she has actually accomplished is so much better:

~ legs are so strong she can "stand" on my lap for several seconds at a time ~

~ sleeps with arms thrown up above her head now, instead of curled up ~

~ smiles are more and more interactive ~

~ possesses an expanding repertoire of sounds other than crying ~

~ loves to look at lights and out windows ~

~ is the noisiest sleeper imaginable: snorts, grunts, wheezes, squeaks, sighs, hiccups, her 'dolphin laugh,' and a myriad of other strange sounds ~

And possibly her greatest accomplishment of the week?

She has a bellybutton now!

Yep.  She lost her cord stump last Wednesday night.  We are saving it while we decide which museum is most worthy of receiving it as a donation.

likes: being held, eating, sleeping, baths, hanging out in the Moby wrap, going for walks, listening to music, having her feet held together or squeezed.

{four of her favorite things combined: being held by Mom, in the Moby wrap, on a walk, while sleeping.}

dislikes: being set down, having her diaper changed, getting dressed and undressed.

In other news: gone are the days when she would sleep for five or six hours in a stretch at night.  Now I'm usually up with her every three hours.

That's okay.  We still love her.

The many faces of Nell:

{she loves her soft duck blanket from Brooke!}

Aww.  Look at that face.  Is it any wonder we can't stop exclaiming about how cute she is?

About a dozen times a day, Nathan and I say to one another, "Oh, look at her!  Just look at her!"

And sometimes, as he gazes at her, Nathan says tenderly, "She's so lovely."

{But I bet he'll deny it if you ask him.}


  1. Those pictures are phenomenal. Did you say your photographer has a deal on somewhere? I would rather go with someone who you have used and were happy with than searching for my own. I am hoping to do some maternity pictures later this summer. Thanks!!

  2. Nell is one fortunate little girl to be so loved by her mom and dad. And, yes, she is lovely!

  3. Oh my goodness she is so adorable!!