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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yesterday after youth orchestra rehearsal ended, a young violinist named Cordelia approached me with her father. He introduced himself, and I asked Cordelia if she was enjoying the orchestra. She smiled and nodded, and we chatted about how nice it is that violin is a "social" instrument that lets you play in orchestras and chamber ensembles with other musicians. Her dad said, "She really likes sitting in the middle of all the music," and I couldn't agree with that sentiment more.

Then I told Cordelia my little secret: "Sometimes I feel sorry for pianists. Except for a few pianists who do a lot of collaborative playing, I think lots of them have lonely musical lives, because they play by themselves so much."

Then her dad told me: "Thanks for working with these kids. You're very brave, and very patient."

And I thought to myself that it does indeed take bravery to walk into the mayhem of a room full of children with instruments capable of making a great deal of noise, and try to bring them into harmony with one another.


  1. And you do it so well...

  2. Couldn't agree glad your work is being appreciated by the families :)