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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Life of a Dandelion

I know dandelions are really just weeds.

{But I still think they're beautiful.}


  1. Me too! Who says weeds can't be beautiful?

  2. I want to know who designated them a "weed" in the first place? My boys think they're just as beautiful as any other flower, and they regularly grace our table.

  3. Have you seen this? It's amazing... (Noah loves watching the flower turn into a seed head.)

  4. I was lovingly brought many a dandelion by my wonderful kiddos! Interestingly, a lot of the perinneals in our gardens are technically "weeds" in that they grow wild in other locations - daisies, cone flower, coreopsis, and more. And I sure think that they are beautiful! Great photos!