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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Play On Words

My friend Melissa and I are both in the same graduate program at the same school, and we carpool to many of our classes and rehearsals. Being involved in many of the same activities, we both understand what it's like to be, well, exhausted. And stressed. Etc.

Earlier this week the following conversation took place:

Sarah: Does the smell of this banana bother you? Some people don't like the smell of bananas. Tell me if it does and I'll throw it out the window immediately.

Melissa: Great idea - throw it out the window right now while there's a cop car beside us! In fact, can you aim for the cop? I wonder if a banana counts as a deadly weapon.

Sarah: Assault!

Melissa: No, abanana!


Sarah: Apepper!

Both of us: hahahahaha!

Melissa: We need more sleep.

Sarah: Seriously.


  1. You really, really do. :) How nice that you two can carpool and empathize! That has to help, at least a little!

  2. Sarah, I'm just commenting because I enjoy your blog just about every time you post and I don't say so often enough. So: thank you for blogging. :) Your posts always lift my spirits.