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Sunday, March 13, 2011


The sky has been bluer of late.

The days are getting longer.

Last night I didn't have a gig.

Today I didn't have any obligations at all.

I went to church - the church we started attending after Nathan resigned his position as organist and music director at our old church - because I wanted to, and my spirit was lifted and revived.

Nathan and I both sing in the choir, and we get to sit side by side.

We sang Handel this morning.

The people at this church are nice.

Nathan and I had lunch with a friend afterwards.

Then we all decided to take an excursion to Whole Foods, because I won a $25 gift card from my school in a healthy-meals-nutrition-competition, for my submission of a photo of my breakfast.

Then the three of us spent an impromptu evening with a fun-loving, young-at-heart, wonderful woman. We ate too much good food and drank just enough good wine and laughed a lot.

I wish I had more weekends like this one.

But guess who's on spring break now?

Me, that's who!

Sure, I have to teach all my students and play three rehearsals and three shows and write a final paper, but so what?

After a day like today, nothing can rain on my euphoric parade!


  1. So glad to hear you are doing so well! Seeing as you have some lighter days with spring break and my show is done, we should grab some tea and catch up one of these days :)

  2. Ah, this was a refreshing day compared to some of your others during the last few months! Glad it came along! And I hope you have a few others like it within your week of Spring Break...