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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Accidental Home Birth

Emily posted a link to Jenny's "Christmas Evie Miracle" story - an unplanned home birth beneath a Christmas tree!
"I am SO not a home birth kind of gal, but the experience was nothing short of life-changing and completely spiritual for me and my family."


  1. Yay for homebirth! I liked the story. Not sure I would want my dad there delivering the baby, but I'm glad she was glad. Does the quote you posted exemplify you at all? Or just something that struck you?

  2. Hey Katie! I would say I *am* a "home birth kind of gal," but I included the quote because I seem to hear often - both from homebirth advocates and from anyone who goes through an intervention-free labor and delivery - how life-changing and truly spiritual the experience can be.

    (Not that I would know!)