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Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Alone

Tonight Nathan and I went to see the latest Harry Potter movie. We decided to leave early and grab a bite to eat at the mall where the movie theater is located. Nathan got pizza (of course), and as we sat talking I couldn't help noticing a mother and daughter sitting nearby scraping the cheese off their respective slices of pizza. When Nathan and I got up to leave, as we walked past them I smiled and commented, "I thought I was the only one who scraped cheese off my pizza!" The mother laughed and explained that they both preferred their pizza with little or no cheese. They, like me, often order pizza with no cheese (always prompting weird looks and comments from pizzeria employees) or make their own cheese-less pizza at home.

Hey, I'm not the only one!

Also, the world is full of friendly people, which makes me happy.

(We enjoyed the movie very much.)

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