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Saturday, February 21, 2009


This morning I decided to try painting a little flower on my toenail. I've always thought designs like these are cute, but I don't pay for pedicures, so... I figured I'd try doing it myself. After doing the flower, it looked incomplete, so I added some scattered dots. I thought it turned out all right - not great, but okay for a first try. That is, until Nathan said, "What's that? A flower and a radioactive symbol?"


  1. haha :) Well, I like it.

    I pay to get pedicures, but....

    I live in California and wear sandals EVERY DAY (except when it rains, so that would be 364 days out of the year)

    I'm diabetic, so I feel justified in having someone get up close and personal with my feet every month.

    Also, I'm pregnant and I can't even SEE my feet these day, much less get to them :)

  2. This made me laugh! :) I like your flower AND your radioactive symbol!!

  3. Sarah, try doing two flowers, at an angle. Also, if you very carefully "pull" each flower petal dot out slightly into points, it looks less kitschy. (Is that a word?) :)

  4. Haha, yes Emily, kitsch/kitschy is a word. I have enough Jewish violin students to be familiar with these sorts of Yiddish insults! I believe it means low-brow, cheap, inferior art (or, in some cases, music) - like a tacky knock-off for someone with poor taste. So thanks for the toenail comment. :-P I'm trying to picture what you're saying but I'm not quite clear. Have you done this on your toenails?

  5. You can get green nail polish paint (the kind with the long skinny brush) and turn those dots into leaves on a stem.