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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Reading

Lawrence Kudlow points out that Barack Obama is not, in fact, the real tax-cutter in this election:

"...Obama has some pretty strange views on taxes. Just look at his recent explanation for the decline in third-quarter GDP. He calls it 'a direct result of the Bush administration’s trickle-down, Wall Street first, Main Street last policies that John McCain has embraced for the last eight years and plans to continue for the next four.'

Is Obama really blaming the Bush tax cuts for this recession?

After the bursting of the tech bubble and the 9/11 attacks, George Bush lowered tax rates across-the-board for individuals and investors. For five years the stock market rallied without interruption -- the longest bull market without a correction in post-WWII history -- while the economy expanded for six years, a bit longer than the average post-war recovery cycle.

And Obama wants folks to believe that tax cuts caused this downturn? Not the credit shock? Not the Obama-supported government mandate to sell unaffordable homes to low-income people and the pressure on Fannie and Freddie to securitize these loans? Not the oil shock?"

Dennis Prager: Will Americans Really Vote to Fundamentally Transform America? Mr. Prager's apostrophe key seems to be non-functioning, but the article is interesting. Prager examines Obama's support base: Do Obama voters really want a different America, and if so, why?

"Large numbers of young people are apparently passionately committed to Barack Obama. In their case, the senators youth, his being black, and his charisma are major factors. But for them, transforming America is particularly appealing. That is why Obama used these words before a college audience. Young people tend to think their elders have made a mess of the world and that they will transform it because they are smarter and more idealistic than those who lived before them. They do not know how hard it has been to make a country as great as America and have been educated to see its flaws far more clearly than its far greater virtues."

What will this transformed America look like? Among other things:

"There will be, in Charles Krauthammers words, an unprecedented expansion of government power. Economic growth will be slowed in favor of achieving economic equality."


"Parents will have fewer years to instill their values in their children, as earlier and earlier education becomes the norm. Judeo-Christian values, the founding values of America, will continue to recede in influence as America becomes more and more a secular-left country like those of Western European."

These things are not "The Change We Need." I know many in my peer group will disagree with me on this, but I believe that Senator Obama is at heart a narcissist, and a threat to democracy, enterprise, capitalism, and freedom.

And with that in mind, my husband and I are going to go vote now.

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  1. I totally agree. I didn't feel really one way or the other until this past week, but I find him, his policies, and his obsequious, hotheaded followers so incredibly offensive that I woke up this morning with a far greater sense of dread than I thought possible.