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Monday, April 14, 2008

Cute Tote Bags

I am loving my new sewing machine! That husband of mine spoils me rotten. Since getting it on Saturday, I've taken in and hemmed a pair of pants, finished a pair of pajama shorts I had started a few summers ago using my Mom's sewing machine, and made two little bags using this tote tutorial. I am so pleased with how the totes turned out. They are just the right size for wallet, cell phone, keys, and whatever other little things you need to carry with you.

How cute is that? Don't you just want one?

A fat quarter is just the right amount of fabric for one outside color or for two linings, so the mixing and matching is fun but the fabric costs are low. They are so easy to make! I'm sure I'll be making several more... and I bet these are just the sort of thing little girls would love, so if you have children in your life, these are a great little project.


  1. The bags turned out adorable!

    I've got a question for you. My daughters were taking violin lessons using the Suzuki method. Then we moved two years ago to a small town that has no violin teachers at all. My girls really want to keep playing the violin so I've done what I can to teach them. Do you know of any good teach at home programs that we could use?

  2. emily wells3:16 PM

    Hey Sarah! I really love your new blog look! Also, your totes are super cute - I really like the pink and brown one. :) Thanks so much for always including links to recipes and sewing stuff - I like to take notes as I learn how to be a homemaker, and it's great to have you point to where you learn things.

  3. Those bags turned out so well! Aren't they fun to make? It sounds like you are sewing up a storm, what fun. And I like the new blog look too. :-)

  4. YES, I want one! :) They are so cute!