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Friday, October 19, 2007

What a Deal

I bought a denim skirt at Old Navy for $3.97. Yes, really. I think this surpasses the time I got Express jeans for $9.99.

You may now address me as Queen of All Bargain Shoppers.


  1. melissa4:58 PM

    Dear Queen of All Bargain Shoppers,

    I want to see your new skirt!

    Once I bought a sweater at Fashion Bug for .76 cents.

  2. Melissa,

    .76 cents? Really? 0.76 cents? How did you even pay for it? Did you hand over a penny and say, "keep the change"?

    Or is it possible that you meant $0.76? ;-)

    I would have considered handing over my title of Queen to you because of your great bargain except for your greivous mathematical-punction error...

  3. What about your grievous spelling error? ;)

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.