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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thought of the Evening

Some people should be mortified by their blatant and disgusting demonstrations of unmerited yet undisguised favoritism.

Of course, if the person responsible for said favoritism is widely considered practically God (or some earthly equivalent, powerful yet not entirely good), who is going to stop it?


  1. Sarah,

    I know everyone has been raving about my strong tenor voice and the passion with which I sing, but you can't blame them. Clearly the praise is not unwarranted. I am assuming that this post is in reference to the recent article about me on the famous opera blog Don't worry though, I promise not to get too big of a head. Did I mention that I can stop time and absorb other people's powers?

    - G -

  2. hey, just cause i'm the man and get so many women...

  3. melissa5:01 PM

    I keep trying to decide if the "person responsible" is the one who is playing favorites or the one causing/receiving the favoritism. Either way, it's disgusting. And you're awesome.