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Monday, April 16, 2007

Site Feed: Sarah Marie Relents

This morning I finally gave in to the urges of the many blog readers requesting that I enable site feed.

My long-standing objection to site feed has been based upon my desire to be able to edit previous blog posts for typos inconspicuously - without having an old post re-appear in feed readers like Google Reader. Unfortunately, by default Blogger sorts items in feed by updated date rather than published date.

I wouldn't have enabled site feed if not for Nate, a friend of Nathan's and mine (and boyfriend of Kate) who saved the day by solving the problem for me. Nate is a computer genius. He spent a portion of the morning fiddling with html options, and in the end he produced a way to override the Blogger defaults and have items sorted only by date published.

For his good deed I praised him thoroughly for conquering Blogger and promised to buy him pizza every night for a week.

Dear readers, you may now use whatever method you prefer to subscribe to my site feed. I hope you will still drop by in person from time to time and comment frequently.


  1. YAY NATE!! He wins.

  2. Thank you! Glad you got someone to help you figure it out. Don't worry, this won't stop me from commenting. :)

  3. Oh good!! Maybe now I'll actually get to read your blog when you update it! Instead of a few days after the fact, when I remember to check it. :) Thank you!