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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sarah Marie in Symphony Hall

This afternoon I was watching a choral video on YouTube, and I noticed an 'All-State' video link over on the right side of the screen. I looked more closely, and, hey, wait... that little violinist in the corner is... me! Remember this post and this post? (Okay, you probably don't, but I do.) Well, someone posted a video of that All-State performance on YouTube. A comment by the poster reads: "the violinist made so many people cry," which is a very sweet sentiment.

The piece is The Gartan Mother's Lullaby... isn't it pretty? I remember that this concert took place during the time I was having a lot of pain and numbness in my arm while preparing for my senior recital, and I had to consider postponing my recital and not playing in the All-State concert. While I may not have been at my best, I'm glad I played... who knows if I'll ever get to play in Symphony Hall again!

Ew, I played out of tune! But considering that 1) my arm was numb and in pain at the time and 2) I was essentially sight-reading, hopefully you'll forgive that. But doesn't my slow, gross vibrato on the last note just make you want to break my left arm? (Or is it just me?)


  1. melissa10:48 PM

    Yay Sarah! So pretty! You're on YouTube, that means you're famous. Doesn't it remind you so much of Lark Ascending? I always envy your slow vibrato. Next time you tell me you're not a good sight-reader, I'm going to direct your attention to this post and video; now I have tangible proof!

  2. hi Melissa... thanks for commenting. When nobody comments I get all :(.

    Yes, it does remind me a lot of the Lark Ascending! I remember thinking that at the time, to.

    I was trying to remember why it was I hadn't had the music ahead... I think some lady faxed me (!!! horrible, impossible to see!!!) the first page and forgot there were three more pages or something like that...? Awesome, huh?

  3. Well, no, nothing in that performance made me want to break your left arm. :) Pretty, Sarah! I didn't know you did things like that. How did you get the job?

  4. Well, it wasn't exactly a 'job' - all I got in return was a gift card to Victoria's Secret from the woman co-ordinating the event (weird gift, huh?). My friends who are music ed. majors are very involved with MENC, which sends collegiate ambassadors to the high school all-state festivals. So someone needed a violinist, and friends recommended me. And I wanted to play in Boston's Symphony Hall, so I said yes. :)

    I love how someone coughs just as I begin my second entrance, thus making it sound like I can't place my bow on my string without a horrible crunching sound. I promise - that wasn't me!

  5. I suppose a gift card to victoria's secret is better than a little candle after playing at a lame graduation ceremony. :-P