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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

One Month of Misery

I began my summer job on the 13th of May, and it is now the 13th of June. Thus is seems an appropriate day to announce that I hate hate hate my job.


  1. there are lots and lots of stupid people at my job too, if that makes you feel any better. but i can't imagine mine is worse than yours. you can complain to me anytime! maybe while we're wedding dress shopping sometime soon? *cough cough*

  2. Anyssa5:55 PM

    Hellooo, I just talked to you online for the first time in ages, but since you had to run off to dinner, I thought I'd leave you a note here. If you ever have any desire to pass through New York, let me know! I don't think I'll be near Boston for awhile, but if that changes....

    We really should see each other sometime. It's been, what, 4 years? 5? Too long.