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Monday, June 26, 2006

There and Back Again

FavoriteBoy and I flew out to Pennsylvania this past Thursday, and returned Saturday evening -- in his beautiful new Honda! His family found the car for him at a wonderful price, and then we went out together to pick it up. He is so excited to have his own car... manual transmission, leather seats, sun roof, and more! He's begun to teach me to drive a stick, as well -- I drove 2.5 hours of the trip back.

While in PA, we began to work out a few valuable wedding details -- basically just enough to make me realize how overwhelming it is going to be to plan a wedding several states away from where Nathan and I both live! And my family is all the way in California! I keep asking Nathan if he'd rather elope, because well, I think I would! But his church is beautiful and I think we will be able to pull off a lovely wedding. His family has offered to help a lot, which is wonderful.

On the drive back, after many hours on the interstate, we took a scenic route for a while, which was really nice. I love how bright green the trees are at this time of year. Periodically we'd pass a pretty house, and either FavoriteBoy or I would exclaim, "There's our house!" And FavoriteBoy would promise to buy it for me. :) We're going to be so happy -- cute house or small apartment or whatever may come our way in life.

After we got back, we took Nate and Kate out to dinner at Salem Beer Works for Nate's birthday. Then we watched Fever Pitch, in honor of the fact that Kate was taking Nate to a Sox game the following day! Which was unfortunately rained out, so they are going today instead. Kate got a cute Sox hat, and now I think I need some Sox paraphernalia.


  1. Thanks for stopping by :-). And of course I don't mind. I read yours, after all!

    I'm afraid I'm terribly delinquent on wishing congrats, but I'm happy for you. I kept meaning to stop by sooner, but never quite got around to it.

    Oh, and I hear driving stick is a useful skill :-). I'll have to learn sometime too ...

  2. I do not envy your task at all... I think eloping would sound awfully good to me too. :-)

    I'm glad you had such a nice drive back though, that sounds beautiful. I have many fond memories of various driving trips my family took through that part of the country when I was younger. I can just picture the green trees and picturesque houses.

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  4. yay sox paraphernalia! you can't beat the navy hat with the pink B. Go Red Sox!