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Friday, May 26, 2006

Home Again

FavoriteBoy did arrive, and all is right with the world. He promptly took me to Panera for a quick dinner before church choir rehearsal. After waiting nearly 20 minutes for our to-go order, FavoriteBoy finally inquired after our food - his Asiago Roast Beef sandwich and my 'You Pick Two' order of half a Turkey Romesco and a cup of chicken noodle soup. Apparently, they had lost our order. The manager promptly handed us $20 worth of Panera dollars and told us to have free desserts on him. Our food was then ready in about three minutes. All in all, I consider that a win-win situation. And we even made it to choir on time.

So, it's nice to have Nathan back. He had a nice time in Italy - but I'm sure it wasn't that nice, since, after all, I wasn't there.

Ever since Meghan Cox Gurdon stopped writing regularly, I've had to attempt to fill the empty void she left in my life with Dooce. Dooce is basically a dirtier version of Meghan Cox Gurdon, a version who still tells interesting stories of being a mother, but intersperses those stories with bad words. She also writes less well, is slightly less clever, and has a child noticeably less precocious than Meghan's children. Nonetheless, she's a decent filler. Although, I'm still holding out for Meghan to return someday.

Elena is pretty good, too, and is made even more fascinating by the fact that I actually know her. I definitely recommend her blog for creative, clever posts on a myriad of topics.


  1. i just read all the blog entries you've written since the last time i checked your blog. AND i'm leaving you a comment. no more complaining! you know...i don't even need to read your blog, really, since i know most of these things about your life already. but i promise, i do try to read your blog on a regular basis, and enjoy reading your clever, witty commentaries. by the way, will you continue to use the "favorite boy" pseudonym even when you two are 80 years old?

  2. Wow. Thanks! I'm flattered to be recommended in the same post as dooce.

    But oh, it's so sad to only find out about Meghan Cox Gurdon after she's stopped writing. =(

    Because much as I love dooce, she really is terribly foul-mouthed. Or foul-keyboarded. Whatever.