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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Things people I know are doing over break:

Nathan is taking staples out of his stairs and calling me lots.
Sarah K. is drinking hot chocolate every day.
Beth is either dead, or just not posting on her lj lately
Katie is busy and doesn’t have time to update (but she’s glad Jesus was born, and I am too!)
Jon is taking an interest in Christmas carols.
Lem got a guitar. He’s also glad he doesn’t have a girlfriend to complicate his Christmas shopping process - Lem is a very clever fellow.
Rachel graduated! And has pictures!
Phil is getting married! (To Alisha, of course!) And he has a wonderful thought of the day.
Steve is waxing very thoughtful, and is, I think, going to Ireland.
Dustin is not posting because he’s engaged. ‘nuff said.
Fievel is clever and has written a poem. And is posting prolifically concerning various and sundry other topics.
Becka is appreciating the importance of traditions.
Dr. Reynolds is posting brilliant things, because he’s a genius. (A genius who uses comma splices, but a genius nonetheless.)
Janna is still in Slovakia. As far as I know. Well, I don't really know. Because she's not posting.
Joel made it home for break alive and then got the Return of the King Extended Edition for his birthday!
Amir is writing stories of his life and various other things. He has a way with words.

Well, how fun... blog-stalking people to keep up with their lives. And I know I didn't get to everyone, or even close to it... But I enjoyed this. Blogs are great.

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