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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

More Hate Mail

I am emotional and opinionated; I deserve a C- in philosophy.

I am a breath of fresh air.


My violin student came for a lesson yesterday and told me that I was uninformed.

A conspiracy-theorist called me and told me that Michael Moore's film didn't go far enough in uncovering the deceits of the government and exposing them for what they are - a conniving bunch of people in blatant disregard to the peoples' will, working only for their own financial gain.

I probably should never have written that article. Maybe it was bad. It's hard to cover everything in a small article. I couldn't possibly defend every action of the Bush administration in a small opinion piece. I had to narrow things down; maybe I ended up doing it badly and not making a clear argument. I didn't intend to sound emotional; in fact, I worked very hard to avoid having my article be an emotional reaction. I guess I failed.

How depressing.

(I'll get over it.)

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