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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Still More Hate Mail

And another one joins my hate club.

I love the logic that anyone who supports our current administration and their actions in Iraq must believe that it's unpatriotic to ask questions.

I also love how anyone who supports the war on terrorism must immediately join the military to show their true support, regardless of whether they might better serve their country using other abilities and talents.

By the way, note the appeal-to-emotion in the language employed by the writer. "Bush unilaterally conducted a pre-empted strike against a defenseless Iraq." "Defenseless..." oh, doesn't it just make you want to cry? But let's look at the facts: I wouldn't call a country with the 4th largest army + known terrorist organizations "defenseless." However, are they more "defenseless" than the United States? Of course they are... or anyone who's read "The Art of War" would know that we shouldn't have (and wouldn't have) taken the war on terror to Iraq.

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