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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Done with exams!!! I finished my sociology final yesterday morning (I think I totally conquered it; but we'll see...) and then promptly left with Story and Janna. We drove to Delaware (where Janna lives) and then Story and I took a bus to D.C. Now we're at her house in Virginia. It's so, so much fun. Her parents are on vacation right now, so we get to take care of her four littlest siblings - Gray, Garrett, Sally, and Sonnett. Oh, it's the greatest vacation ever to get to be with such a fun family.

Oh yeah, I haven't blogged in a while. (midterms and finals have a way of occupying your time, *ahem Janna ahem*. The recital in Boston was super-fantastic; I went with Julianne, who is a super-fantastic person. And, the orchestra concert was really fun. Mike played the Schumann cello concerto and did very well. And we played De Falla's Three Cornered Hat Suite and Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. Oh, I love orchestra.

*happy sigh*

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