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Sunday, February 08, 2004

I fell on ice on Friday and it gashed into the palm of my right hand. Oww.

I had a fun Saturday yesterday... I spent the whole day with the murfs! I went over to their apartment for breakfast (we made lemon crepes and hash browns... yummy!), stayed to do some homework for a while, and then we went to the thrift store and the grocery store. After that, we made lunch and then did more homework. Then I went for a run, and after a shower, went back up there to help make a delicious dinner. Then we watched a movie and gave each other back massages. It was a super-fun and super-relaxing day... but I didn't practice my violin even for a minute!

Three funny things from Saturday...

1) Janna: I want to get married so I can have my own set of nice new pots...
Story: You don't have to get married to have pots; just to have sex!

2) The "Not the best, but still a good buy" section of the grocery store.

3) I told Story and Janna that I'd always thought it would be funny to get a blank shirt and just write on it with a permanent marker, "homeskooled." Later on, I was modeling a shirt I'd bought ($2.99 at the thrift store, dude!) that day, and just put it on over my turtleneck sweater rather than bother to change completely. Story said, "wow, that combination says homeschooled without even writing it!"

Ohhhh... Tonight my violin teacher is giving a recital in Jordan Hall!

After my lesson this past week (featuring an enormous and largely irrelevant lecture, about which I shall probably blog sometime in the near future), I was so cranky that I thought about not going... but of course I'm going to go! I can hardly wait!

*squirms with excitement*

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