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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Not Funny

I really don’t like it when people are subtly sarcastic not in a way that is funny or laughing with you, but in a way that is laughing at you. Just making you feel stupid no matter what you say. Why can’t people be niiiiiiiceee? It’s bad enough that the world is already full of people who can inspire a huge inferiority complex in everyone around them simply by existing – people who are smart, good-looking, creative, competent, graceful, charming, considerate, kind, tactful, articulate, collected, and generally all-around perfect. Why does the world also have to be full of people who are not necessarily any or all of those things, but still feel that they can treat other people like they don’t matter?

Unending questions with underlying sarcasm to make me look stupid is really unnerving, not to mention annoying. I just wanted to enjoy my dinner in peace, and it could have been nice for once in my life to do it with other people instead of by myself. Look, it’s not like I’m a stupid or socially inept or lame-minded person. And, I think I have a pretty good sense of humour. So why is it that some people think it’s funny to talk in circles over everything I say and intentionally misunderstand my attempts at humour and conversation? The conversation was awkward and stilted and stupid. And it was not my fault. And he started the whole conversation anyway, and he chose the topic. There’s no need to make people feel stupid, and especially not in front of other people. Why was he like that? Like, he's too cool for life and/or life is too boring for him, and nothing is fun or funny, except, of course, every clever thing that comes out of his mouth.

“Coolness” is overrated. Don’t even bother trying, people. Just go do what you want to know, as long as it isn’t evil or morally corrupt or cruel or harmful to the rest of humankind. So, what I meant was, go do something virtuous and fun.

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